TitanTG and the team

Quality in everything that we do and in every thing that we provide.

Our Philosophy

Titan Training Ground is a health and fitness center. Which is built around the concept of balance in all things that we do. And of the quality of which things are done, consumed and expressed. We believe that enjoyment, happiness and success comes from a point of balance in ones life. Now this doesn't mean that you can't or shouldn't stray away from the center of balance to the point of imbalance. For example the indulgence of sweet foods or binge watching your favorite series.

No, doing these types things can bring joy to you and certain extremes or movements away from a point of balance can bring growth to ones life. For instance martial arts, meditation, clean eating, and resistance training. All of these activities may lead the practitioner away from their personal norm, center or balance. But in doing so they create an environment for the person to advance, to learn and to grow.


During the period of growth there is a need for a point of stability. It's about maintaining a sense of balance or center. A safe place to regenerate from venturing to the point of imbalance or center. A place where you may access and critique your journey. Balance and being centered creates a place within you which allows for the growth of good health and fitness of both the body and mind to develop.

Our Belief In You

Titan Training Ground is conceived around the need for providing a place, an environment, and a concept. Where people like yourself can develop into the person that they truly are meant to be.

That you can express yourself as you are. We understand that life is a journey and your current representation of who you are is not necessarily of who you are working to become.

Where a person begins is not where they end. No one wakes up as professional body builder, an accomplished writer or a world renowned chef. No, they begin as a person with hope and a dream. A person with out the knowledge, skills, physical or mental attributes to preform what the wish to do.

But with dedication and resilience. With nurture and support. You can and will achieve great things. The journey may not play out exactly as you have imagined. But if you take the time to access the journey. Then you will see all that you have succeeded in much and you have learned along the way.

We have created Titan Training Ground as place for the development and growth of the mind, body and soul. This has been done on the foundation of Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, Yoga, Good Food and Company.

But as with any journey this is just the beginning. As our concept grows with support and momentum. So too will our investment in offering you and the community what  it needs. To become balanced, successful, alive and well.

Our Begining

Titan Training Ground was conceived by us as place where you don't need to know it all or to be a certain size or shape. It's designed to be a place of development. An environment of support, encouragement, and inclusion.

Initially it comprised of Yoga and Muay Thai - Kick Boxing being taught outdoors and at a local gym.

It has since grown to leasing space within a local hall and from here our journey will see continuous investment and development of our equipment, training environment, systems, programs, and philosophy. This is just the beginning. You're welcome to join us for the journey!

Our Equipment

If you're going to do it. Then do it right. For us that means investing and investing heavily in quality equipment and training gear. Titan Training Grounds' team spends and invests their time and financial resources into sourcing the highest grade equipment possible.

We do this for your safety, for your development, and for your comfort and enjoyment.

Having poor quality gear can lead to injuries, time off from training, and an overall feeling of displeasure in an otherwise enjoyable experience.

In essence there's truth in the quote that, 'you get what you pay for'. Low cost does not always aquaint to value. More often than not in leads to dissatisfaction and loss. A loss of your time and money. So we choose wisely, we spend the resources needed to acquire the best that we can. We encourage you to do the same.