Titan Training Ground

Health and Fitness Engineers

Professional  Coach Lead Guidance

Muay Thai, Dutch Style Kickboxing, Yoga, Strength and Conditioning.

Train like a combat sport athlete at Titan Training Ground.

And in doing so reward yourself with exceptional health and fitness.

Do you need to be fit to start?

No but you'll certainly get fit by starting.

Do you have to compete in the sport?

No, that's entirely up to you.

Train for the love it, train for great health and fitness, train to compete. The choice is yours!

TitanTG's Facilities

You train hard and deserve the best!

The TitanTG ProStore is fully stocked and ready to supply you with high level quality training equipment.





Twins Special

Top King


and more.

TitanTG OUtside view.jpg
Weights Equipment

Full Commercial Power Rack.


Olympic Bars and bumper plates weights.

TTG has very special guest trainer in th
Combat Sports

 Pro Level gear from

Fairtex, Twins Special and Decha

fill the training ground.


 4ft Heavy Bags

 6 ft Heavy Bags

7 ft "The Beast" Heavy Bag

  Wrecking Ball Heavy Bag

 Bowling Pin Heavy Bags

Maddox MMA Grappling Dummy

Maize Ball

Double End Bags

18 Twins & Thai Pads

 Focus Mitts

Kick Shields

Strap on thigh Guards

Iron Power boxing rig

Training Ground One

Training Ground One.

This is where the action happens and dreams are made.

High quality combat gym flooring 40 ml thick and space to move.

Big screen tv, stereo & gym timers.

There's a world of opportunities available within the doors of TitanTG!

Functional Equipment

TitanTG has a full selection of quality functional training equipment.

Kettle bells


Club Bells

Sledge Hammers

Slam Balls

Medicine Balls 

Battle Ropes

Truck Tyres

Prowler Sleds

Sprint Chutes

TRX Suspension Straps

PTP Total Resistance System

Bosu Elite 

Plyo Block Jump Box

Power Bags

Bulgarian Bags

Climbing Rope

Bathroom and Shower

Modernized, clean and spacious.

Muay Thai Boxing Ring

Get in the zone and practice your ring craft. Build ring awareness and the ability to utilize the ring to your advantage.

TitanTG OUtside view.jpg
Chill Room

Chill, relax, restore, and reset upstairs in TitanTG's chill room.

It's a great space to...

Practice yoga

Take some time to stretch & recover

Read a book

Use a TitanTG massage gun

Foam Roll

Sit and talk

The room is equipped with...

Yoga equipment

Video games ( Wii, PS3)

Air Hockey

Foosball Table

Tables, chairs, beanbags, couch

Tv's, chromecasts, dvds, & projector

Books on yoga, Muay Thai, resistance training, stretching, self development and more

TitanTG Air Bike.jpg
Cardio Equipment

Pro Runner Curve Air Runner

Free Form Rowing Machine

Free Form Ski Erg

Assualt Fitness Air Bike

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Training Options

TitanTG Innovation's Assisted

Open Format Training System.

Book in, drop in and train in the way that you need to with the time that you have available.

TitanTG's coaches will support you with your training. By guiding you through the following disciplines during the session. Based on your training needs.

Training modalities.

Muay Thai 

Dutch Style Kickboxing










Stair Running

Mountain Biking

Day walks

Personal Training

Self training

Strength and Conditioning

Coach lead support and direction. When and where you need it.


TitanTG Seminars

Develop your body and mind with a range of talented and experienced individuals from a variety of different expertise.

TitanTG' past seminars have included

professional athletes, coaches, dieticians and other professionals skilled within their game. 

TitanTG has hosted the following top talent.

UFC athlete and coach

Brad Quake Riddell

The Fight Dietician

Jordan Sullivan

One Championship Fighter

Alexi Serepisos

Fight official, gym owner

and champion athlete

Victoria Nansen

Multiple time champion

Yolanda "Springbok: Schmidt

Champion fighter and actor

Gentiane Lupi 

Champion  Muay Thai fighter

Pettawee Sor Kittichai

Keep an eye out for TitanTG's next seminar opportunity. There's more coming soon.


When Can You Train?

TitanTG Innovation's assisted open format training system is available.


5:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Tuesdays to Fridays

10:00 am to 12:00 noon

5:00 pm to 8:00 pm


10:00 to 1:00 pm


 Go on take a break.

Rest up and recuperate.

Coach lead support and direction. When and where you need it.


TitanTG Clinics

Need some guidance, input, and feedback on your technique, nutrition, goals, habits, and behaviors?

TitanTG's clinics are here to show you the way and to provide you with the information that you need to succeed.

All in quick and easily digestible and actionable format.

It's time to get it done and TitanTG is here to help!



Benefit from the mix of energizing dynamic flow yoga and rejuvenating restorative yoga.



Restorative Yin

7 pm to 8 pm


Dynamic Flow

12 noon to 1 pm

Coach lead support and direction. When and where you need it.



How's your training going?

Is it working for you?

What needs to change or to remain the same in order to get results.

That's where TitanTG Innovation's analysis systems step in. To access, quantify, and evaluate what you need to do to succeed.

Gain valuable feedback and direction regarding your training. Which will help in streamlining your results while also maintaining those well earned gains.

TitanTG uses a range of methods and technology to acquire the data. Which is required to guide you along your journey.

From health and fitness assessments.

To well being check ups.

To technique appraisals and guidance.


TitanTG has got you covered.

Titan TG Fighter Logo - High Res.png
Titan Training Ground Competition Teams.

Team TitanTG consists of three competitive fight teams.

1. Entry level: N Class Fight Team.

2. C and B class: Team TitanTG

3. A class: TitanTG Sicario Fight Team.

Talk to us about trying out for the TitanTG competitive fight teams.

Self training is available during open hours.

Closed public holidays.

Bookings at times may affect Titan Training Ground's and the ProStore's hours of operation. 

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