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Terms and conditions

Updated: 07/09/2021

Covid-19 Level 2 requirements


  1. If you're experiencing or displaying flu or cold like symptoms. Then please do not come to training or visit the Pro store.

  2. If you have had contact with a person with Covid-19 in the last 14 days. Then do not come to training or the Pro Store.

  3. Wear a mask at all times while on the premises. This includes the carparks, pro store, training areas, and other rooms.

  4. The exception to rule 3 is that wearing a mask during training is optional.

  5. Wash and sanitise your hands and wrists often.

  6. Wash and sanitise your hands and wrists after cleaning surfaces and equipment.

  7. If your mask becomes damp the WHO recommends replacing it or removing it.

  8. Staff are required to wear masks, except while taking group classes, 2 meters distance must be maintained between coaches and students, coaches must wear masks and social distance during PT sessions

  9. In the case of an emergency, social distancing rules do not apply. Extreme care is highly advised in such cases.

  10. No eating on site. Drinking to hydrate is permitted. Staff may use the upstairs chill room for meal breaks.

  11. Maintain a distance of 2 metres from other people not with in your bubble.

  12. Rule 6 is inclusive of the carparks, pro store, training areas and associated spaces.

  13. Please wait outside until the training area is clear of the previous group training bubble.

  14. No spectators are permitted due to distancing requirements for members that are training.

  15. The Pro Store is limited to 2 customers at a time, with a 1 in 1 out system.

  16. Entry and exit to the pro store is only available through the sliding door. The swing doors are for staff only.

  17. Please enter the training area via the black door to the left of the roller door.

  18. Please exit the building after training via the alleyway (the exit is next to the bathroom)

  19. All surfaces which are touched must be cleaned and sanitized

  20. Personal equipment must not be shared

  21. All equipment must be cleaned and sanitised after use. This includes club equipment and personal gear.

  22. Club loan gear is not available at level 2 (boxing gloves, shin guards, etc) You must use your own personal gear*.

  23. You must book in for all sessions.

  24. If you are unable to make it for your session please advise us asap. Its essential to be mindful & considerate of others

  25. Covid-19 QR codes must be scanned by staff, students, customers, and visitors.

  26. Alternative tracing systems are in place. This is accomplished via our booking system and physical log books.

  27. Please scan the covid-19 QR code before your class starts and before you enter the building.

  28. Its suggested that you turn of blue tooth tracing app on.

  29. Pad work, spotting or assisted stretching is not allowed at level 2. This rule applies to staff and students.

  30. The water fountain is not to be used

  31. The fans are not to be used. Natural airflow is ok via doors, windows and other openings.

  32. When working out please consider the direction of your exhalations. Cough or sneeze into the crook of your elbow.

  33. The sauna, arcade and entertainment games are not to be used during level 2

  34. Full sanitizing procedures (formally known as deep cleaning) is performed each night.

  35. Vacuuming and floor cleaning is performed at regular intervals on an inspection basis.

  36. TitanTG and the Pro Store takes every workable precaution possible. To ensure that the health and well being of our staff, students, customers, guests, and community is cared for and considered. We appreciate you helping us to do so.

Definitions and further information: *personal gear is considered to be items that you would wear on your person.

All sessions, with the exception of foundation classes, are 45 minutes in duration with 15 minute interchange periods between classes. QR codes are available at the entrance points of the building. Information collected for the exclusive use of covid-19 tracing will be shared with the appropriate government agencies if required. Information store for such purposes (for example the log book) will be destroyed after 28 days. Please advise us by email at If you believe that the information. That we hold about you is incorrect or if you would like to view the personal information that you have submitted to us.

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