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Traffic Light System: Update 07/12/2021 (Short version)

** Please see the full document for the though process behind this arrangement. Do pop in for a chat if you'd like to.***

• The Pro Store: please scan the 93 Durham Street location QR code and wear a mask. Personal and environmental guidelines need to be followed.

• The T1 weights and cardio area can only operate if you have acquired a cvc which needs to be sighted and recorded (only once) by an authorized TItanTG agent or staff member. Mask are advise when not training. Please scan the 93 Durham street South location QR code. Please observe personal and environmental requirements.

• The T2 combat sports training area is limited to 25 individuals at a time. CVC is optional but appreciated. Hygiene rules apply. Please scan the 9 Battersea St location QR Code.

• The Social Area crosses over the T1 training area. To side on being extra cautious. This area is closed to all bar staff members.

• Personal Training can only take place with a CVC.

Please help us to maintain a space for our community to continue to live their lives and to benefit from the exceptional opportunities that TitanTG and the Pro Store offer. Please do not cross over the defined spaces unless in an emergency or as permitted under the Governments directives.

Once again TitanTG and the Pro Store believe in democracy, just personal freedoms and self direction. As a small family owned business surviving in a tough competitive sector we find ourselves like may in a difficult and unnerving position.

We trust that we have your support as you do ours.

Please do pop in for a chat if you like. Honest and respectful conversations are the life blood of all equable and healthy relationships.



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