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I have done everything that I said that I would and will continue doing so for our club.

For example new equipment, training options, and space...etc

I do hope that our club members recognise that and support it.

When I adjust things for our club it is based on what our members have been asking for.

It's not a random change but a calculated one which is aimed at benefiting the club as a whole.

We're a technical training centre based on quality. For that to be so at times things can not be too basic.

I do hope that you all realise that I'm working and investing for our community as a whole.

Book in now for the sessions which meet your individual needs and please. When doing so recognise the value in doing so. Titan is more than a basic gym it's a place to excel!


A place to chat and to thrive with other TitanTG members and...


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