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(Update) When I refer to support I'm not necessarily talking about money. I'm asking for our members to turn up for training, to fill the space with energy and to make good use of the facility. This will in turn attract other people to join our club. Things like having your own personal gear helps too. Also not wasting the resources that the club does have available (once again by turning up for training, respecting my time and our coaches time, having your membership payments in on time, and things like being switched on and ready to train with enthusiasm). Things all help more so than money. Come and chat to me for clarification on these posts.

Do you love what we do?

It's time for a reality check. Otherwise we might as well close. Because our facility and our club is unviable.

On average we have 75 members paying $20 per week. Which honestly doesn't go far. Most places will charge $20-$25 per session.

We haven't put our prices up for five years. And infact have let our members choose their own pricing to date. While investing in and expanding our operation.

To be honest we can't continue doing this. We as a training center which provides in terms of a training facility, equipment, and coaching. TitanTG provides more than other operations at a much lower cost. With much more variety and options. I'm asking you to please recognize, appreciate, and support your club. 🙏


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