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Happy Easter Everyone,

Have a great time with your family, friends, and loved ones. Enjoy the break and the chance to rest that it brings.

Taking time to decompress and revitalise is incredibly important. For obtaining one's goals, creating sustainable success, and establishing a foundation of contentment in life.

Cherish and invest in rest as you do in applying yourself selves by investing in applying effort, tenacity, and stoicism to your daily deeds. It's the way to create life!

Things are continuing to heat up at TitanTG. Our combined efforts are invoking sustained change, evolution, and advancement of our shared community. Creating even more opportunities and rewards for us all.

Continue to apply yourselves invest in your days and continue to inspire those around you. It's the way to live life.

Opportunities are mounting up!

We have around 11 fighters aiming to compete in the upcoming Sitnarong Novice Interclub show.

We have another 13 or so fighters seeking to compete in the Canterbury Throwdown event scheduled for May.

And then we have fighters submitting their entries to compete in June on our own Testing Ground Smoker novice fighter event.

BJJ, NoGi, and MMA are now solid enduring fixtures at TitanTG. New members are signing up every week in the pursuit of learning and developing their grappling game.

Realistic and formidable true-to-life self-defence training is now available at TitanTG. For those of you in the police, fire service, medical industry particularly those first responders and nurses, teaching staff, security teams and those defending our sovereignty in NZ's Defence Force.

This is an ideal opportunity for me to excel at self-defence and the protection of others. Join TitanTG - Oliver MMA'S Self Defence Combatives training system to be capable of defending one's self and others.

The future is vibrant for us all at TitanTG. Believe it, utilise it and embody it. The only true failures in life occur in action.

Take action to build your life. In doing understand the mistake will happen along the way. Mistakes are there to teach us, to keep us humble, and to help us to become better people.

Learn from them, accept them, and become more by rising to the challenges laid before you.

TitanTG is growing from strength to strength and continues to flourish. Join us for the ride and stay with us for growth, opportunities, and abundance.

Spread the word. Tell those around you about TitanTG and the ProStore, and share reviews on Facebook and Google along with other platforms. Let's build our lives together with momentum, support, and gratitude.



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