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Baseline Fitness Testing is on this Saturday.

Come and join us if you'd like to see where your fitness level is currently sitting?

Start Time: 9 am sharp.

Approximate duration: 60-90 minutes.

Where: Titan Training Ground

Cost: $5 cash per person.

***Compulsory for those who are matched and for those who aim to compete in the future (wish to be matched.****

** If you're unable to make the scheduled session. You will need to book in for a PT session (the session cost may be shared between a group).

The testing will consist of cardio, dynamic strength and macular endurance.

As well as technique, mental flexibility and mental endurance (known as "heart" in Muay Thai culture).

If have a fight scheduled or are seeking a match. Then do let me know you if can or can not make it and need to book a PT.

This session will set your base data and the testing will be repeated in another 4 weeks (approx.)

Bookings now available online

Coach SLB



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