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Kia ora koutou,

The Covid Traffic Light System and TitanTG - Pro Store. For TitanTG and the Pro Store to continue to operate as the training and shopping experience that we all enjoy. We are required to operate under the current NZ Government's Covid related mandates. Failure to do so requires TitanTG-Pro Store to close or to risk being penalized (including but not limited to financial fines).

The Traffic Lights; All of New Zealand will move to the traffic light settings at 11:59pm on 2 December. The traffic lights (COVID-19 Protection Framework) protect Aotearoa New Zealand from COVID-19....

More information on the NZ Governments traffic light mandate can be found here...

What does this mean for all of us and our community? In order for TitanTG and the Pro Store to continue to provide the space, equipment, services, products, coaching and training. That we all enjoy as part of our health and well being practices.

We are required to adopt the enforced requisite by the current New Zealand Government administration. Which requires that your “My Vaccine Pass” is sighted and recorded by our staff.

This is if you choose to enter TitanTG and the Pro Store’s physical locations. Click and collect contactless purchases from the Pro Store can be made online and via our TitanTG/Pro Store app.

Online and outdoor coaching and training options are something that may be considered. If desired by our members/community and if demand gives us the ability to facilitate those additional services.

We do appreciate your understanding at this time. Personal freedoms and equitable choices are a part of the foundation of any democratic society. While we do absolutely believe in protecting our communities from risks, danger and threats. We wholeheartedly believe in self direction, personal liberties and the freedom to live our lives justly.

Please do understand that if we do not comply with the NZ Government’s mandate to view and record ‘’Your My Vaccine Passes”. Then we can not operate or function at our normal capacity or even close to it. In effect our revenue will stop or become considerably less, while our financial outgoings commitments continue unabated. Non-compliance risks the safety of our community and may attract hefty penalties (including but not limited to fines being issued by the NZ Government). Arising from Non-compliance of the new rule set issued by the NZ Government.

The great news is that as per the NZ Government's directions the viewing and recording of “My Vaccine Passes” is a one time occurrence. Once done then access to TitanTG is back to normal.

TitanTG is here for you. Do get in contact with us if you’d like to chat.


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