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New programs, classes, hours, and sessions have been added to TitanTG's timetable and booking system. Here's a taste of what's on offer....

Combat sports foundation sparring classes

Strike Fit combat sports based conditioning classes

Supa Octane full body and mind conditioning sessions

Personal Training with Coach Tarik

Personal Training with Coach Shannon

Classes from 7:15 am on Wednesdays and Fridays

Self training options including 4pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Classes from 9 am on Saturdays

Remember that Titan Training Ground is much, much more than solely a combat sports training center. We also provide and cater for everyday health and fitness. Please let people know that TitanTG is the place to be to increase their overall well being. Combat sports classes are an option. But so are HIIT (high intensity interval training), HIRT (high intensity resistance training), cardio session, strength sessions, mobility session, yoga, recovery aids, metabolic training, strength and conditioning along with an extensive range of high quality equipment...TitanTG has it all! We're not one dimensional we're an ecosystem of well being.


A place to chat and to thrive with other TitanTG members and...


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