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Good evening, everyone.

As a trial run we've updated the online check in system.

To allow for checking in as you enter TitanTG. You can also cancel online at anytime.

Please do your best to check in early and to make it to your sessions.

Classes will have participant limits applied to them. To ensure that enough space is available for training. If you're not checked in then you may not be able to join the class.

The check in system is required for health and safety. If there's an emergency we need to know who to account for.

Early check in's allow for TitanTG to ensure that there is enough coaches on board. To provide high level training to the groups participants.

Early checks allow us to also plan out the classes and to ensure a high level of quality is maintained for you all to enjoy.

PT sessions are required to be pre paid.

PT sessions are only confirmed once payment is received.

Help us to help you. Check in.

Anthony andrews


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