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The TitanTG innovative new timetable!

  • The benefits:

  • You know what is on offer at specific times.

  • You choose to participate in exactly what you need for your personal self development.

  • Choose between scheduled pad work, sparring, technique training and other classes.

  • You know what to expect at any given time. The choose is now yours to choose the training which is right for you.

  • 25min blocks of training with 5 min intervals in between. Puts you in control of your time. By giving you the flexibility. To train around work and life. Train for 25mins or stack the classes for a full 2.5 hr session.

  • All classes are coached by experienced instructors. Direction and instruction is on hand.

  • All training is based around Muay Thai, Dutch Kickboxing, Strength and Conditioning.

  • The Pure Muay Thai and Dutch Kickboxing focuses on enhancing your knowledge of the individual sports.

  • The Strike classes are a blend of both MT and DKB. And designed to give you a solid foundation in both sports while fitting in around family, work, and other obligation in life.

  • The training is much the same. You just now know what to expect at a given time. Which allows for better programming, better participant engagement, better use of time and resources.

  • Your training and advancement is more streamlined. Your experience is enhanced. You're surrounded by people on the same path for the same purpose. Because they have chosen to be present for the same training option.

Get amongst it! The going is good at TitanTG and it's only getting better!

Because love what we do, we innovate, and we reinvest. It's good for you get at it!


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