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Just a quick heads up that TitanTG is a small family owned locally owned facility.

And we do understand that Christmas and the end of year process is demanding.

We do also need to highlight the we do not have the backing of a multi national global corporation. While we absolutely do understand that there's very good reasons to cancel ones memberships. Please do consider our ability to offer what you want and need in the future without your support. Health and fitness centers in Christchurch are a highly competitive and a volatile environment to be in. Its very cut throat with a range of considerations to contend with. TitanTG offers memberships which on average are 50% or half that of our competition. Which we can appreciate that you understand further confounds our competitive position. Before you leave us. Please, do consider if you plan on returning at a later date. We will do our upmost to still be here and to provide the service that you value. But unfortunately due to covid and the current and past climate that we find our community in. We can not promise to do so. We will continue to support you as best we can. Take care and thank you for your time.


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