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Hey Team, Shawn here. I just wanted to let you all know that I am headed to Wellington for work. And I'm not really sure if I'll be back to Titan as I'm in this country on a visa with 6 months left. Of course training will continue 😉

I will try to come and visit as Titan feels like a second home to me. I absolutely love the place.

I just didn't want my absence to be questioned. I will miss you all!

Big thanks to all the coaches and members. The past 2 years or so at Titan was life changing for me.

If you're new to this gym, stick with it. You won't find a better facility in chch. This was the truth even before the expansion. It's just next level now! Thank you once more. Forever grateful.

🙏🥊 Oh and I would like to add that I am aiming to be in Thailand in the near future. If you wish, add me on Fb or something. Keep in touch and maybe some of the TTG members can meet in Thailand at some point? I know there are some who are keen! Party on 😆

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