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I know that I come across as though I'm ranting and raving at times. Please understand that is not my intention. I'm actually trying to inspire our collective team for the better. I hope that this comes across a appropriately and as intend. I appreciate you all for you are whole heatedly. You bring You to the equation of the whole and that is appreciated by me. I do appreciate you as I do all of our TitanTG members. I recognize you as an intelligent and exceptional persons. I'm never offended by you. Your input is much appreciated. I love your individual feedback and I do ask for it. My frustration only comes from you thinking that you offend me and from my own inability to express my thoughts and aspirations for our TitanTG family. I don't mean for people to feel bad. Quite the opposite. For me TitanTG is not a business it's a way of helping people to realize just how capable and exceptional they are. Money is not important to me apart from paying the required bills. After all that is the world that we live in. Over than that how we interact, how we show love for one another, and how we treat one another is the true currency for life in my mind. 🙏 I don't mean to offend anyone. I'm doing my best to communicate. If Im messing it up then do talk to me rather than developing a grudge towards me. 🙏


A place to chat and to thrive with other TitanTG members and...


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