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Morning All,

The bookings are light for today.

We had three booked in for two separate classes this morning. Unfortunately all three members were no shows. (I would have loved a sleep in today...feeling a bit wreaked. It's a busy time of year for us all. Also for those that don't know. Because it's really only on a need to know basis. I was tested for stomach cancer last Saturday. I'm fine as far as I know. Shit like that doesn't stop me from living in the moment.)

I do hope that everyone is safe and well in this weather? Myself and the coaches do get concerned for the members safety. When a member is a no show (no cancellation or message). We don't know if you've been injured or not (for instance in a car accident). Early in our club's history we had a member that didn't turn up for a few sessions. On following up on the missed sessions. I was confronted with the fact that the member had unfortunately passed away. I don't tend to cry, but myself and Aya did on that day and for a good time after.

We've had a cancellation for one of this evenings classes. There's currently five people booked in for two separate classes.

The question anyone else planning on training tonight and for those that are booked in. Will you definitely be in to train?

It's apart of my role to ensure that all of our members get what the need from our club. By coordinating and adjusting our resources to meet demand.

Please remember that we need to be there for one another in order to train and also to help each other to thrive in this life. Just like rugby or any other sport. Sure you can train on your own but you'll only get so far. You need team mates to rely on to train with just as they reply on you for the same.

A community that works together thrives together and everyone wins. The reverse is true for the opposite.

This message like all of my posts are done with a positive intent. If anyone is offended then it was absolutely not my intent to do so. My aim is to provide for you all a place to thrive and to be you. Stress free and feeling exceptional.


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