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Quick reminder ....

The club has implemented a voting system for classes and sessions.

Votes must be in no later than the Sunday night before the training week ahead.

Classes with low votes are removed from the booking system for the week. They are then reinstated for the next round of voting by you guys.

Why do this? Because it helps us to understand what you want and need. While also presenting you guys with a great number of options to choose from. This is an awesome where you get an incredible amount of choice at a low cost.

If the class or session you want is voted out. Then jump on the class/session that is going ahead. And encourage your team mates to join in on training. Okay apart in keeping each other motivated on track and accountable. It's good for all.

Cancellation via the booking system can only occur 24 hours in advance of the booking. This is standard practice across many industries. And is a fair process. Once again it's about accountability and helping one another to thrive.

Most gyms are happy to take your money and then forget about you. Our training center is very different we give f@+k about all of our members. The policies and practices that we put in place are designed to help you to thrive and to succeed.

A positive perception in life helps us all to recognize the opportunities in life. And when things are done to help us rather than to inhibit our personal growth.

Our club TitanTG is here for you all to realize your upmost potential. While being a space to get away from the sh+t outside our doors that bring you down. Our club is your place to truly live.


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