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The tweaked up coming training system.

Why have things been adjusted? 1) To accommodate the wide ranging and valid needs of all of our members and potential members. 2) Because the previous system was only introduced to facilitate the Covid-19 response restrictions of that time.

What's the benefit of the adjusted training regime? 1) Primarily an enhanced variety of training and more flexibility. 2) You know what to expect at different times. 3) You can train for 25 minutes or up to 3 hours per training session. 5) you get access to a well balanced formulated training system. Which encompasses all of which you need to really succeed with your training. 4) The training center is well utilised by being less restrictive and more available for the dynamic needs of our members.

The adjusted system is based upon years of experience combined with current feedback and trends.

The use of branded terms is necessary to highlight the difference that is TitanTG. We are not the same as the others our training options and facility is unique. Also "Titan Strike Fit" is far more concise than saying "Titan Muay Thai and Dutch Style Kick Boxing Primary Techniques and Fitness"

Nothing much has really changed except that our members now have greater access to the training that they need. At times which suit both ones available time and energy...the tweaked system fits around modern life far better. It also let you know what to expect during each time slot. You know what you're getting. The days which have the itinerary style training blocks helps our members to advance at a pace which is right for each individual while providing access to all members at any given time. While also preparing our members for participating in the more free flowing and dynamic Muay Thai and Dutch Style Kick Boxing classes.

Change can be tricky without understanding. Feel free to ask questions. This system will enhance your training. and is based on solid reasoning, experience, and acquired information.

Give it a go and over time you experience the benefits of doing so. Greater fitness, Greater skill, Greater advancement with unlimited potential.


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