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Evening all,

I'm currently updating the website, pricing options, service titles, session programming and booking system. This may affect how you view and use the website and app over the next few days. Trust though it's all going to be awesome!

In order to be able to continue booking the sessions that you wish attend. You'll need to activate the plan which is pictured below. To do this on the app or website. Make sure that you are logged into your profile, then go to pricing options, choose the plan which is pictured below. The plan will request a $5 service fee. This fee is charged once every 6 months. Other than that your current plans remain unchanged and continue to provide their exceptional value. Activating this plan ensures that you retain your current membership at the current price that you're paying. New pricing plans are being introduced for 2022. Which will be set at a more realistic rate for the services provided.

Service names have been freshened up.

• For those new to the game. Who are working on the basics and improving your fitness. Book in for the Strike Fit sessions.

• For a good fitness and conditioning HIIT for all levels. Book in for the Supa Octane sessions.

• For those that want to learn solid striking technique and to level up their fitness. Book in for the Titan Strike Hybrid classes.

If you have any questions let me know.


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