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Tena koutou katoa,

Covid Traffic Light Update: 07/12/2021

Titan Training Ground and the Pro Store are operating under the current NZ Government's Covid Traffic Light system. Failure to comply with the government's requirements would mean that we would have to close. Until the Government allows for Christchurch to function under the green level mandates. Non-compliance will the mandates may also attract a $15000 (fifteen thousand dollar fine) per infringement.

Titan Training Ground and the Pro Store training, social, and retail facility. Has been organized to meet the mandates issued by the government while also meeting the needs of our community and democracy.

Our facility is spread over two distinct properties (locations): 93 Durham street South and 9 Battersea Street. Each location has it's own bathroom, shower, entrance, exits and emergency egress (emergency exits and fire extinguishes). The TitanTG - Pro Store facility also has the benefit of a separate retail area and social are. Both of which have their own entrance and exits (along with emergency egress). Our facility is organized into four physically separated and contained areas each with their own air flow which are situated on two unique properties.

This allows for us to follow the Governments Traffic Light system as per their own guidelines in the following way. But this can only be done with your cooperation and understanding on a consistent basis.

The retail area (Pro Store) (falls under the Retail mandates (obviously)) Covid Vaccination Certificates (CVC) are not required, face masks are mandatory. The Pro Store is approximately 67.83 m2 each person not including staff requires 1m2 with a maximum of 50 people. Contactless online purchases are also an option.

The weights and cardio area (including the boxing ring) falls under the definition of a gym. Which means that CVC's are required and face mask are suggested while not training. The W&C area is approximately 142.77 m2 no limits are dictated.

The Social area (clubrooms) upstairs falls under the gathering mandates. Which allows for up to 100 people based on 1 meter distancing with CVC or 25 without CVC. The social is approximately 45 m2. Which allows for up to 45 people (with cvc).

The T2 Sports training area is governed by the gathering mandates. (Muay) Thai Boxing and Dutch (K1) Kick Boxing are both sports. Community sports are permitted indoors and outdoors. The following rule sets apply. With CVC's open, no limits facemasks suggested while no playing. Without CVC's 50 people max based on 1 m space per person. Face masks encouraged while not playing. The T2 sports area is approximately 156.8 m2.

Mandates on people limits do not include staff. They refer to guest/participants.

93 Durham Street South ( T1 training area Pro Store, Social Area) has a unique location QR code.

9 Battersea Street (T2 Community sports area) has it's own unique location QR code).

The NZ Governments requires that location QR codes are scanned by the individual entry said locations. Under the guidelines areas used for non-CVC holders and CVC holders can be used by either. As long as the area is cleaned between uses, the groups/individuals don't cross over, under that the location is allowed to open under the Traffic Light mandates.

Titan Training ground has taken many considerations in to account. Which cover a variety of requirements (which include but are not limited to the following) freedom of choice/self determination elements, safety and well being concepts, privacy policies, along other considerations.

Location QR codes are in place along with alternative sig in forms and our booking system.

Secure record keeping is in place.

Sanitization stations for personal hygiene and environmental hygiene are in place.

Information information signage is positioned around the facility.

Updates are posted in our TitanTG group, on our website, and verbally communicated in house.

The protocols of personal hygiene, environmental hygiene, handwashing/sanitizing and staying home if showing signs of illness are promoted and monitored.

In brief with the above considered along with the information resources supplied by the Government, Ministry of Health and Sports NZ. Titan Training Ground and the Pro Store are following the Traffic Light system as dictated by the Government as per their guidelines and mandates.

The Pro Store: please scan the 93 Durham Street location QR code and wear a mask. Personal and environmental guidelines need to be followed.

The T1 weights and cardio area can only operate if you have acquired a cvc which needs to be sighted and recorded (only once) by an authorized TItanTG agent or staff member. Mask are advise when not training. Please scan the 93 Durham street South location QR code. Please observe personal and environmental requirements.

The T2 combat sports training area is limited to 25 individuals at a time. CVC is optional but appreciated. Hygiene rules apply. Please scan the 9 Battersea St location QR Code.

The Social Area crosses over the T1 training area. To side on being extra cautious. This area is closed to all bar staff members.

Personal Training can only take place with a CVC.

Please help us to maintain a space for our community to continue to live their lives and to benefit from the exceptional opportunities that TitanTG and the Pro Store offer. Please do not cross over the defined spaces unless in an emergency or as permitted under the Governments directives.

Once again TitanTG and the Pro Store believe in democracy, just personal freedoms and self direction. As a small family owned business surviving in a tough competitive sector we find ourselves like may in a difficult and unnerving position.

We trust that we have your support as you do ours.

Please do pop in for a chat if you like. Honest and respectful conversations are the life blood of all equable and healthy relationships.


ps do let me know if I've made any error in this document. Also please note that although it is a long brief it is not all encompassing or exclusive. Additions, updates, or ad-hoc actions may be required to ensure our situation is managed well.


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