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I'm off sick.

Book in for the classes that you would like to attend. If the class is not cancelled via the app. Then the class is on and access to TitanTG is available.

This is one of the many reasons why we use the remote check-in booking system and the app. Please use the system thats in place (the app and booking system) in order to stay updated. 🙏

Hi everyone,

I'm off sick at the moment and won't be at TitanTG running classes until further notice (the Pro Store is also likely to be closed except for online orders).

Please note that while we aim to keep the schedule running as per usual. There may be some slight changes to or the cancellation of some classes.

Titan's coaches are doing their best to fill the gaps around their full time jobs and commitments.

As usual to stay updated on what's happening at TitanTG. Keep an eye out for updates on this app and do book in for your classes to stay informed.


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