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Morena everyone,

As you many of you know the Academy of Combat (AOC) is merging with Titan Training Ground. To become one super-club under the Titan Training Ground banner. This will not erase the legacy of the AOC and it's founder Dr Geoff Aitken. But rather it will ensure that what Geoff, his team and the AOC has achieved during their time will live on.

My position remains unchanged as the owner, head coach and director of TitanTG. Titan Training Ground in terms of what it offers now and for the future. Will continue to growth and to develop under my guidance. Our training center continues to strengthen day in day out. Due to strong vision, consistent action, flexible adaptability and the drive to follow through. All in quest to great a space for people to thrive, to live, and to excel.

Going forward our combined strength as two training centers uniting as one. In turn means that more opportunities. Will be available for everyone that gets involved in TitanTG now and in the future. Our training center will gain experienced coaches in a range of disciplines (BJJ, Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, Health, Fitness and more!). As well as more competitive fight athletes, driven combat practitioners, and people that love to work out to train with. The energy and opportunities coming our way for all of us is going to be incredible! Get ready for an exceptional time of growth and uplifting opportunities for today, tomorrow, and for the years ahead! Get on board and enjoy the ride. It's going to be awesome!


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