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Titan Testing week is is under way!

This will likely take place on the first week of every month (possibly every second month)

for technique and every 12 weeks for fitness. To help you see your progress and to help you meet your goals.

The testing process will help you to understand which classes you need to attend. Along with what level of competition you are eligible for.

Well done to Max A, Crystal and Rachel. For taking part in evaluating where their cardiovascular health, muscular endurance and muscular power is currently at. The three of you now have the information you need to direct your training to where it needs to be. Knowledge is power and you now have that in your grasp.

This week we'll be testing technique during classes. In terms of striking ability, pad holding, bag work and more. If you'd like to be apart of the testing process. Ensure that you book in for your session, turn up early, and let me know that you're wanting to be tested. $10.50 per person. To let things run smoothly. Let us know early if your taking part.


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