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We've listen to you, we've watched, we've learned, and we've used our knowledge and experience to create a training system which delivers real results!

Titan's new enhanced training system is live.

Make your bookings now and choose what you need to succeed.

The beauty of the new focused system is that you can choose what you need to enhance your training!

  • Need more pad or bag got it.....Titan Hybrid Strike Hit!

  • Need more sparring (at a level which is right for you) you got it....Titan Hybrid Strike Sparring!

  • Need to work on the basics including got it.....Titan Strike Fit!

  • Need to enhance your got it.....Titan Hybrid Strike Tech!

  • Need to improve your fitness? You got it....Titan Supa Octane Hiit!

  • Need to take your fitness to a whole new got it....Titan Iron Octane Hirt!

  • Need to focus on Muay got it....Titan Pure Muay Thai!

  • Need to focus on Dutch Kick Boxing (K1) You got it....Titan Pure Dutch Kick Boxing!

  • Need to gain stability, muscular control & awareness...You got it...Titan Dynamic Flow Yoga!

  • Need to test your got it...Titan Group Testing!

Titan Training Ground is your one stop training center for authentic strength and conditioning, Muay Thai and Dutch Kickboxing training combined with fitness and skill testing. If you want more, if you want authentic training you want TitanTG!


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