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Hi all,

We'll continue to run adhoc classes during the summer break. Keep an eye out for posts popping up in this forum. Regarding pop up training sessions etc.

I'm also working on a new time table amongst other things. Do let me know what you would like to see available in the new year? We can't do it all but where's there's enough interest and commitment. We can make it happen.

The plan is to reopen for a full training schedule from the 10th of Jan (which is also my mum's birthday. As such classes will start in the evening only.) if there's enough interest and commitment. Otherwise let me know of another date to restart things up fully?

Please also note that the person which provided myself and others. The space and opportunity to practice Thai Boxing, weight training, other combat sports and fitness. Which we all now benefit from has unexpectedly pass away this morning.

I'll be in a state of mourning for some time. This is a person that I have known since a young age and of which I have a great deal of respect for. Please do be patient with me. 🙏


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