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BJJ and MMA starts tomorrow!

Book in now for your classes.

You'll need a BJJ Gi (for Gi classes).

You'll need either a dry fit tee (close fitting) or rash top along with MMA shorts for no Gi/MMA. For protection you'll need a groin guard for all classes (mouth guards are optional but highly encouraged.)

The price for stand up and ground work classes for existing Titan members is $39.50 + $2 admin fee (fix for 6 months). This offer expires on the 11th of April 2022. See Shannon to sign up for this deal.

Note: The above price is what new members joining Titan. Will be paying for a choice between stand up or ground work classes. The price for both systems for new members will be $49.99 + $2 admin fee. New member pricing is available on Titan's website.

Existing membership on open terms will be reviewed soon. Will pricing increases likely to meet inflation and rising cost involved with providing Titan's services. Talk to Shannon if you have any thoughts or concerns regarding this. Please not Titan's pricing is well over due for a refresh.

Terms and conditions apply.

Shawn McQuaide


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