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What comprises of the cost of a membership, casual visit, or PT session in loose terms?

•GST 15%

•Business Tax 28% (approx)

•ACC levies

•Council Rates

•Council inspection cost

•Health and Safety concerns

•Insurances (yes plural as in multiple insurance requirements)

•Professional up Skilling

•Industry organization membership levies

•Maintenance training (1st Aid for your safety etc)

•Equipment maintenance

•Equipment replacement

•Rent/mortgage payments for the physical location.

•Website development, maintenance, and upkeep

•Attrition/lose due to theft or missed sessions etc

•Utility payments (power, gas, phone, internet etc)

•Hygiene, sanitation and cleaning needs.

•Building exterior and interior upkeep and refurbishment.

•Professional services (lawyers, accountants, etc)

•Covid-19 provisions and mandate cover

•A professional coaches, teacher, instructors time

•A professional coach's, teacher's, instructor's experience

•The accounting for all of the above for the coach, teacher, instructor etc

•Income (hopefully) for your coach, instructor, teacher etc That is guiding you and imparting or investing years of knowledge and experience on to you.

•There's likely to be much more aspects to be considered. But even on a basic level. It's obvious that a lot goes into providing a much needed service. That us humans need in this modern life style. To thrive and be try feeling alive.

Modern life in many ways robs us of what it really means to be human. Being physical and embracing hardships and challenges helps us to reconnect with life. Don't avoid it invest in it. Be human by challenging yourself on a regular and consistent basis.

For example from say $30 per week as a membership 15% goes to GST ($4.50), 28% goes to business tax (approx $7.14). That's already $11.64 from $39. Then there's all the other costs and expenditure as described above. Please let's value what we have and to make the most of it. Providing what our club does is not easy. Please do help us to keep providing for you. Book in, turn up, and make the most of our training center.


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