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We've done it again! By adding even more to what we already offer at TitanTG.

All new Competition Grade classes are now available. These classes cater to students who want to take their training and conditioning to the next level.

Competition Grade classes are suitable for students who have a sound technique base and a good level of conditioning. The classes are designed to push the student both physically and mentally.

Bookings are essential to get the most out of these sessions.

The Competition Grade classes complement and add further depth to TitanTG's existing experience. With the continued growth of our training centre. We've identified the need for classes which provide different levels of intensity for our students. We now offer Foundation Grade, Mixed Grades, and Competition Grade sessions.

A foundation grade is ideal for learning the ropes and refining your practice.

Mixed Grade is suitable for all levels of ability once the foundation skills are in place. And is directed at those who want to pace their training at a moderate to moderate high level.

Competition Grade is the right choice for students with good fundamental techniques and conditions. Who are prepared to work hard, to try new concepts and who are efficient with their time.

Book early to save your place. And please remember that being a part of a class is being a member of a team. At TitanTG we work together to excel together.



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