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Good morning everyone!

What a beautiful rainy summers day! I actually do like the rain.

Now, I need some help. I'm running out of ideas and I'm hoping that you can all help me to solve an issue which is plaguing the club (our club)?

We have problem which is affecting our community at the training center. Which is killing momentum and damaging the positive energy within our space.

The rate of cancellations (especially last minute ones), lateness to sessions and no shows to booked sessions. Is way too high. It simply wastes resources, limits individuals ability to progress and develop. Both for those not turning up (including on time) but also for your training partners that have turned up to train. But have no one to train with or the benefit of combined energy and enthusiasm.

This isn't a dig at anyone this is simply a reality. Please also remember that our coaching team are gifting our time (we're volunteers) and the coaches do have other jobs, family, and responsibilities.

The club, our training center quite frankly can not continue like this. It's just the reality of it. It's not conducive to our success as a community or the purpose and intent of club. Please give me some ideas of how we can get the attendance rate up and the place pumping. Let me know if the schedule needs tweaking, if the services, facility etc. need adjusting? I'm pretty much at a loss for what more can be done to inspire our community. I do need your help in being able to continue to provide a space that helps our community to thrive. Once again not a dig at anyone. I am asking for help.

Kind regards,


PS I do get cancellations/lateness/no shows will happen. Sometimes other aspects of our lives to get in the way of nurturing ourselves and maintaining our bodies. But we do need to minimize the occurrence of it. If we are to succeed.


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