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Good evening all,

On any given day or time frame I'm inundated with messages for cancellations no-shows, orders, bookings, deliveries etc etc.

Please understand that I only have so many hour and only so much energy per day. I'm only human (the same as you).

I'll respond to messages and emails etc that really require a response. Otherwise know that I have received your message.

If you're messaging to explain why you have missed a booking or something similar. Please understand that I've already spent time and energy. Programming the class, traveling to work, setting up for the session, spending time away from my family, etc etc.

My focus needs to be on those who are there for the session, purchasing from the Pro Store (that helps to pay the bills for our training center) my family, and time for my own self care. If you can't make it to a session that you booked. So be it. But please do not expect me to expend more time and energy than is needed. 🙏


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