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Happy Sunday all,

Below is how Titan's schedule works in the evenings for striking and grappling. Mornings and weekends are a skimmed down version of the evening sessions.

Muay Thai evening classes are on Mon, Tue, Wed and Fri.

Dutch Kick Boxing evening classes are on Thursdays.

Strength and conditioning sessions comprise of 25 minute blocks of Strike Fit, Supa Octane HIIT, Iron Octane HIIRT. This is the same as before but all training blocks are run Mon to Fri at 5 pm.

The training is the same as before and is still scheduled in 25 minute blocks.

Drills are coach lead instructed sessions which may focus on sparring, pad/bag work, or person to person work.

(Strike Tech) Technique is coach lead training which goes deeper into the instruction of strikes, sweeps, ring craft etc.

(Strike Hit) Pad & bag work, and Multi-level technical sparring blocks are over looked by a coach. But are free flowing and to a degree self directed. It's where you practice the technique and drill training under live fire in six 3 min rounds with 60 seconds active rest between rounds.

Session wrap is self practice, stretching, and a Titan family effort to tidy and to clean our training grounds.

The training is the same as before with some enhancements. For example having a good balance between being taught and instructed by a coach. While also having the freedom to learn with self direction and the guidance of a coach. The only real difference is a greater focus on Muay Thai and Dutch Kick Boxing as separate sports rather than a hybrid blend. And sessions are booked in 55 minute intervals. To make things easier for everyone (you can choose to stay for 25 mins or the full 55 minutes).

If you have any questions let me know?

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