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Hey All,

I'm not going lie. December and January has hit us hard as a club and as a community.

We've had a few new members join us. But unfortunately as a club. For different honest and valid reasons. We've had a large amount of members cancel their memberships going forward. Which is well within their rights to do so. Life and priorities do change. Each person chooses there own path in life.

But as a club and a unique training option. We do find ourselves in a position of being under funded. We need more members or contributions in order to continue.

If you know of people who would benefit from joining us. Then please do encourage them to do so. Alternatively if you love what we do and are in a position to support Titan more financially speaking. Then please do so (our pricing has stayed the same since we started in 2015 up until 2022). Also if there's fault with what Titan does then please do speak up and offer feedback. So that we can alter our course of action.

There's no pressure or expectation to do so. There's no judgement for those who have changed direction. That's just life. But for those that would like Titan to continue. Action is needed. We're a small family operated venue not a corporate. We basically live week to week as a club. If you want it to continue. Then please do back it.

I also get that Christchurch offers a lot of gym and fitness options. What will be will be. 🙏


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