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The costs of providing boxing gloves via the Pro Store...

A low cost of $169.99 (yes that is a low cost) for hand made, professional quality leather or microfiber gloves, which will last for a number of years if properly cared for (which is close to an entry cost for a high level product) is roughly as follows....

$169.99 retail price (for a tried and proven product)

-$25.50 for GST


-$110 (wholesale cost, import duties, and levies etc at best).

Remaining $34.49

-$28% Business Tax ($9.66)

= $24.83

From that we still need to minus attrition, theft, shrinkage, returns, appreciation, insurance, council rates, mortgage/rent, insurance payments, ACC levies, staff wages, down time, display cost (fixtures, fittings) online store costs, card, credit, and eftpos fees, bank fees, and system supplier fees, security fees, etc etc

Just try making a pair.... I think that you'll find that they're well worth the price. After all you're investing in your comfort and your safety. Broken hands suck!


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