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Hi all,

A few points to check off.

Firstly Fitness Testing is coming up. Remember to rsvp for it. Also it is compulsory for all fighter to take the test on a regular basis. It's important that you set a base line with a test and then test no later than 4 weeks out from your scheduled fight.

Secondly I have scheduled a Fighters Q&A event. This is for all fighter categories and for those scheduled to compete or considering doing so. RSVP's are essential via TitanTG's event page.

OCIS interclub sparring is fast approaching. TitanTG is the host this time around and a good turn out by our members would be highly appreciated (especially considering that this is an initiative that I created). If you are scheduled to fight on the 3rd of September. We ask you not to spar but your presence would be appreciated to help moderate the nights event.

If you have any questions. Do let me know?

Coach SLB

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