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Competing in Aotearoa - New Zealand and representing ones province and country. Can be a costly practice with a variety of costs to be meet. Equipment, training, recovery, nutritional, medical reports, travel, accommodation amongst other expenditures do mount up. But in essence competing in a sport is a valuable life enhancing investment and pursuit. Not only for the athlete in question. But also for their team, family, supporters, and for those that they inspire. The run on effects of what a club, a coach, a team and an athlete generates. Is a long lasting gift to a community. To inspire and to uplift others is a treasure to be shared and nurtured. Thank you all once more for your support of the TitanTG family and in our quest to improve the lives of our community and further afield. If you'd like to work with us then do get in touch. We'd like to hear from you. After all helping others and doing good in this world is the true currency of life. If you'd like to work with TitanTG in changing lives. Then absolutely do get in touch. Honest conversations are the gateway to advancement, development, and life itself. Contact us today. Why wait?

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