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The same great AOC training in a new modern location.

Join the AOC at Titan Training Ground to continue the legacy, the friendships and the self improvement journey. Continue to be guided and taught by the same exceptional AOC coaching team. In the modern, well equipped, well maintained, training facility at Titan Training Ground.

  • Same tried and tested training systems

  • Same exceptional coaches

  • Same belt system

  • Same grading system

  • Same awesome people

  • Same friends, families, and training partners

  • New well equipped training center

  • Only minutes from the old AOC location

Support the continuation of the AOC legacy at TitanTG. By being apart of the continuation of the training and the benefits that come with it. That have been gained by many students and families over many years. Give back by ensuring that the teachings and generosity of Dr Geoff "Chief" Aitken P.HD. Is honoured, preserved, and appreciated for the generations to come. 

Continue the legacy of the Academy of Combat, Valhalla, and Dr Geoff "Chief" Aitken by joining Titan Training Ground today.

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