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Rāh, 05 Oke


Titan Training Ground

The Testing Ground Smoker 7 - Novice MMA Event - Fighter Registration.

You've done the training it's time to test yourself in the ring! At TitanTG's Testing Ground Smoker Event! If you're looking to have you're new to fight competitions, then this is for you!

The Testing Ground Smoker 7 - Novice MMA Event - Fighter Registration.
The Testing Ground Smoker 7 - Novice MMA Event - Fighter Registration.

Time & Location

05 Oke 2024 10:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Titan Training Ground, 93 Durham Street South, Sydenham, Christchurch 8023, New Zealand

About the event

TitanTG Testing Ground Smoker: Novice MMA Event.

This event is for combat sports participants who have never fought before or have had a maximum of three previous fights.

New fighters who would like to test their training and ability. At the same time, getting much-needed experience in combat sports.

All fights are 2-minute by three rounds with a 1-minute rest between rounds.

Fights are moderated to provide a space for fighter development to take place.

If the fighters are evening-matched, then the fight proceeds as usual. If one fighter is dominant, the pace and intensity 

of the battle will be managed by the referee. Combined with the support of event officials and the respective corner teams. 

All fights are scored as a draw.

Run time:

  • 11:30 am weigh-in, medical, and fighters brief. Blood report required: Hep C
  • 1:30 pm Doors open to the public
  • 2:30 pm first fight
  • Approximate card duration: 2-3 hours.

Fighters must have up-to-date blood work for the fight officials to view at the weigh-in and medical check.

Fighter at or over the age of 16 years of age. Are required to have a blood report. Which screens for blood/fluid transferred diseases, Hep C

Fighters under 16 do not need a blood report unless they have been tattooed or if there are other special circumstances.

It is recommended that the fighter be tested as a best practice.

Fighters gear requirements.

  • Groin guard
  • Training style hand wraps (no build-up).
  • Two fitted mouth guards (in case one is lost during the fight. The mouth guards must be form-fitted not to dislodge and fall out)
  • MMA or No-Gi shorts.
  • A branded club rash guard (or appropriate upper body covering, such as a club singlet) is to be worn during the fight.

Gloves, shin guards and headgear.

All fighters will wear 7-oz or 8-oz MMA sparing gloves and strap-on sparring-grade shin guards, which TitanTG will provide for use during the fight.

Headgear and torso protection is optional and will be provided by the Fighters Club. TitanTG must examine and approve the supplied headgear and/or torso protective gear before using it in the fight. The fighters' Coach is required to notify TitanTG in advance if such equipment will be used.


  • 1 haora 30 meneti

    Weigh-in, medical, and fighters brief

    TitanTG Main Ring

  • 1 haora 30 meneti

    Doors open to the public

    TitanTG -Pro Store Entrance
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  • Fighter Entry Form

    Fighters register for your novice matchmaking here. Fight matches are not guaranteed by applying for matchmaking. You agree that if you are not matched for a fight. Your fighter pass will convert to a spectator pass for the same event (Registrations are non-refundable). We will do our absolute best to have fighters matched. But due to conditions outside of our control matches are not always possible.

    $ 25.00
    Tax: GST included


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