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LoBloo Thai Cup Pro Black Male Groin Guard

LoBloo Thai Cup Pro

SKU: EAN:0751109982956
  • Thai Cup 2.0 Athletic Groin Guard - The stage in the evolution of the traditional Thai cup 
  • Modern, state of the art protection
  • Pure comfort and performance with LoBloo's patented fitting system, hyper-modern composites, and a ventilated, fully machine washable cup.
  • Enjoy the benefits of full mobility combined with exceptional protection and a stay fresh system.
  • CE-certified robustness – Tested to standard EN 13277-5:2002, Thai Cup 2.0 withstands up to 4 tons of pressure.
  • Thai Cup 2.0 body, recommended age +13, Adult Males.
  • Adjustable waistband
  • Adjustable leg straps
  • Carry and wash mesh bag for hygiene and protection
  • Made in Switzerland 
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