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Mavya Immersion BJJ Gi

Mavya Immersion BJJ Gi

Mavya Immersion BJJ Gi


To be immersed means submersion; to be so absorbed in something that nothing else matters.


From the moment you slap and bump hands, it all comes down to the roll. To the competition. To every bead of sweat and breath. You are completely immersed in the moment, and you unleash your inner warrior, overcoming every challenge before you.


The Immersion series by Mavya was designed with your warrior spirit in mind. Just like a warrior who fully immerses themselves in the quest and acts with courage, focus and determination to rise to the occasion, you immerse yourself in drilling and rolling to become a master of your game.

When we were in the midst of designing the Immersion series, we took the ideas of Focus, Determination, and Courage and tried to encapsulate each one in the design.


Making the stitching colour and gi identical — to symbolise what it means to be immersed. The logo is a bright contrast, representing your ultimate goal: the victory.


We constructed the Immersion gi to be lightweight and comes pre-shrunk. The 350 GSM 100% cotton pearl weave jacket is made more durable with reinforced seams and cuff tape, an EVA foam collar, and sublimated mesh lining. The ripstop pants come with reinforced double padding around the knees, so you can do takedown after takedown with ease and has subtle logo placement on front and back of pants.


Immerse yourself in the game, and unleash your inner warrior.

  • Technical Specifications



    1. 350 GSM light-weight Gi with tailored construction
    2. 100% cotton pre shrunk pearl weave fabric
    3. Enforced stress point areas under arms and seams
    4. EVA foam collar
    5. Sublimated inner lining near the shoulders
    6. Reinforced tape on inside bottom of sleeve and jacket


    1. 10 Oz ripstop fabric
    2. Reinforced double padding around knee area
    3. Stretch rope drawstring
    4. Reinforced tape on inside bottom hem

    Note: This Gi does not come with a belt.
    Model is tall and wearing A2 gi.

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