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TTP Fight Gear Glove Deodorisers pictured with boxing gloves

TTP Fight Gear Glove Deodorisers


TTP Fight Gear Glove Deodorisers


Prolong the life of your boxing gloves and keep them smelling fresh with reusable TTP Fight Gear glove deodorisers. Sweat is a natural result of training hard! But if it's left to attract bacteria then bad smells and foul odours occur as well as the decay of your prized training gear. Take care of yourself and your training gear by dealing with the sweat produced during training with a set of deodorisers.


  • Soaks up sweat and other moisture
  • Helps to prolong the life of your equipment
  • Keeps your gear smelling fresh


Sold as a pair. Boxing gloves are not included. Individual results may vary. 

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