Quality in everything that we do and in every thing that we provide.

Our team is a small yet passionate group.

Who love what they do and enjoy every aspect of creating something which is truly memorable.


Muay Thai - Kickboxing - Striking Coach

Certified Personal Trainer 

Certified Zuu Instructor

Certified Yoga - Asana and Pranayama Teacher

All Round Good Guy

Shannon is the driving force behind the creation and development of Titan Training ground. He's involved in many aspects of the gym. From website development to equipment selection to class and program design.

Shannon started his martial arts and fitness journey around the age of 5 years old. By taking an interest in Seido Karate and Rugby League. He later ventured towards Saturday morning TV before realizing that a sedentary life wasn't for him. He needed to be active!

So it was back to Seido Karate, BMX riding, and generally being active with mates by exploring the world around him. He later became interested in Kung Fu through coming across Bruce Lee in books and movies. But with no Kung Fu school available for him. He then concentrated his attention on motorbikes. But it wasn't long before he came across Jean-Claude Van Damme and the original 'Kick Boxer' movie.


Now while this movie doesn't contain much actual Muay Thai. It did ignite a passion in the sport and martial art. Which provides so much to the practitioner. Shannon found a local Martial Arts school which taught their version of Muay Thai. This school the Academy of Combat helped to create the basis for a life long journey in the understanding, research, and in the practice of Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, Martial Arts and Combat Sports.

Shannon  has recently been traveling to Thailand for Muay Thai - Kick Boxing training on a yearly basis and has also completed a 200hr Yoga training intensive course. Through New York based Yoga Teacher Trainer and Instructor Ella Luckett.  To further expand his knowledge of movement, breathing and flexibility.


Muay Thai - Kickboxing - Striking Instructor

Group Fitness Instructor

Feisty but super nice

Steff is a dedicated Muay Thai practitioner. Spending countless hours in and out of the gym crafting her form. She has a relentless passion for the sport and is passionate about sharing her love of Muay Thai with others. Through group classes and private one on one training sessions. 

Steff is also a bass a** when it comes to designing and delivering group fitness sessions, boot camps, and conditioning classes. Get ready to feel each and everyone of your muscles fire up. As you sweat like crazy towards hitting your health and fitness goals.


Expert Cuteness Coach

Dog-jitsu Instructor

Security Patrol

Super friendly but knows when to flick on security mode.

Milan is head of TTG's security detail while also being an expert Cuteness Coach. Talk about being multi talented! She strongly believes in being approachable and using body language and words to defuse any confrontation. But can do what's needed if required to protect herself and those that she cares for. If you can understand dog speak then you'll often hear her say, 'Martial arts, Dog-jitsu, and Muay Thai are about self development and self defense first and foremost. Not fisty cuffs'.

The Titan Mobile

Rugged and Reliable

Coach and Instructor Chariot

Equipment Transporter

Mobile Giant Business Card

That Titan Mobile can often be found in and around the city of Christchurch. At parks, beaches, lakes, rivers mountains, indoor venues, Titan Training Ground and more.  Picking up equipment and instructors in the quest for a healthier, stronger, more mobile population of Christchurch. Keep an eye out for this mean machine. As it points the way to a becoming the most powerful and mobile version of you that you can be.

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Please note that opening hours are dependent on class bookings. If in doubt message us.

Mon    09:15 am to 12:00 noon  &  5:15 pm to 8:00 pm

Tue      09:15 am to 12:00 noon  &  5:15 pm to 8:00 pm

Wed    09:15 am to 12:00 noon  &  5:15 pm to 8:00 pm

Thur   09:15 am to 12:00 noon  &  5:15 pm to 8:00 pm

Fri       09:15 am to 12:00 noon  &  5:15 pm to 8:00 pm

Sat      10:15 am to 12:00 noon

Public Holidays: Hours may vary

 *All prices, offers, discounts and concessions are subject to change without notice. Cancel at anytime with 10 days notice. Be aware that your standard billing and membership rates and charges still apply during the 10 day notice period.

Membership savings are calculated of Titan Training Grounds standard Casual Drop In Rate per class/session.

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