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LoBloo Compression Shorts

LoBloo Compression Shorts

LoBloo Compression Shorts


  • Support Underwear is a garment constructed with the male anatomy in mind.
  • This is an entirely reversed version of the jock shorts that are common in the market.
  • Instead of putting the cup in a pocket, you put your package in a pocket.
  • The inside mesh pocket will keep everything in place. Safely inside your Lobloo groin guard protection. Which you wear on top of this undergarment. 
  • The undergarment has additional padding. Fitted for use with Lobloo groing protection equipment, both for comfort and added protection.
  • In the crotch area, where the cup sits against the body, extra padding is added for even further protection upon impact.
  • Padding is added where the support straps of the patented fitting system are placed there for increased comfort.
  • There is added padding for the protection of your groin and pelvis during impact.
  • Exceptional breathability – The mesh interior pocket keeps you in place, avoiding skin on skin contact, making air flow freely. 
  • Premium polyester, elastane, and spandex construction
  • Neoprene for  added impact support
  • XS – Hips cm 83-89      - in 32.5-35

    S    – Hips cm 89-95      - in 35-37.5

    M   – Hips cm 95-101    - in 37.5-40

    L     – Hips cm 101-107 - in 40-42

    XL – Hips cm 107-113 - in 42-44.5
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