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Titan Training Ground AOC Free Style Martial Arts

At the Academy of Combat, individuals of all ages can discover a vast array of martial arts styles. The AOC Free Style Martial Arts system expertly blends techniques from eskrima, Kenjutsu, kendo, weaponry combat, kickboxing, BJJ, and catch wrestling. Our welcoming and inclusive environment fosters personalized training with experienced instructors and an unwaveringly supportive community. Embrace the opportunity to attain your martial arts goals by joining us today.

If you're in search of a martial arts academy that caters to all ages and offers a variety of styles, the Academy of Combat is a great option to consider.


Founded by the late Dr. Geoff Aitken, a pioneer in combining techniques from a range of global martial arts, this academy provides training in multiple disciplines via the AOC Freestyle Martial Arts system. Incorporating aspects of eskrima, Kenjutsu, kendo, weaponry combat, kickboxing, BJJ, and catch wrestling. 

The AOC Free Style Martial Arts system is an exciting, dynamic and formidable martial art. With such a wide range of styles, students have the opportunity to learn various techniques and develop their skills in multiple areas.

AOC Freestyle Martial Arts is a great fit for those who want to express themselves through creativity and individuality. While still learning the fundamentals and techniques of the discipline, students are encouraged to explore their unique style, making it an ideal choice for those looking to personalize their approach to martial arts.

Dr. Geoff Aitken's enduring legacy lives on through the Academy of Combat and its past, present and future students. The AOC is a space where students of all ages and skill levels can train in a welcoming, inclusive environment.


Whether you're interested in self-defense, competition, or improving your overall fitness and wellbeing, the experienced instructors and supportive community of fellow students provide you with all the resources you need to achieve your goals and reach your full potential.

If you're looking for a martial arts academy that offers a diverse range of styles and a welcoming, inclusive environment, the Academy of Combat is the perfect place for you.  Why wait? Join AOC today and start your journey towards mastering the art of combat.

Coach Tony Lafrentz
Tony Lafrentz.jpg

Tony Lafrentz

Academy of Combat

2nd Degree Black Belt in

AOC Freestyle Martial Arts

Competition matching

Competition training

Self Defence Training

Assistant Coach Eric Baldwin

Eric Baldwin

Academy of Combat

Titan Training Ground

Black Belt in AOC Freestyle Martial Arts

Gradings Offical

Self Defence Training

AOC Founder
Dr Geoff Aitken PhD
Dr Geoff Aitken PhD AOC_edited.png
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