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Lau Loa Premium Wood Balance Board

Lau Loa Premium Wood Balance Board


Lau Loa Premium wood balnce board.


Work your core and stability like never before!


Train your legs, core, balance & more. In a fun and dynamic way.


  • Quality workmenship
  • Natural materials
  • High desity cork roller
  • Wooden deck
  • classic retro lamanted design
  • regular use improves balance and strength
  • An exciting way to cross train for sports which require strength, stability, and balance.
  • Ideal for surfers, skaters, snow boarders, BJJ, MMA, Thai Boxing and other sports pratitioners.
  • Dimensions: Board: L900mm x W400mm x Thk10mm (approx)
  • Dimensions: Roller: L450mm x  Dia130



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