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Lau Loa : Premium Wood Balance Board

Lau Loa : Premium Wood Balance Board


Lau Loa: Premium wood balnce board.


Work your core and stability like never before!


Train your legs, core, balance & more. In a fun and dynamic way.


  • Quality workmenship
  • Natural materials
  • High desity cork roller
  • Wooden deck
  • classic retro lamanted design
  • regular use improves balance and strength
  • An exciting way to cross train for sports which require strength, stability, and balance.
  • Ideal for surfers, skaters, snow boarders, BJJ, MMA, Thai Boxing and other sports pratitioners.
  • Dimensions: Board: L900mm x W400mm x Thk10mm (approx)
  • Dimensions: Roller: L450mm x  Dia130



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