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Mavya The Yugen BJJ Gi

Mavya The Yugen BJJ Gi

Mavya The Yugen BJJ Gi


The power to evoke, the true gentleness and the art of jiu-jitsu. The introduction of Yūgen requires nothing more than this.


There are moments when we are using a specific technique but unable to execute our desired outcome. With subtle and gentle changes, moving the hip to the left or tucking the elbow we can find the mysterious grace of this art we call jiu-jitsu.


The beauty of jiu-jitsu exists with using the art of angles, frames and control to defeat strength, very much like the Yūgen at its core.


When you look at the Yūgen gi, it grabs your immediate attention with a subtle logo. As you come closer, you see there is more beauty within.


Embrace the nothingness and find the space for potential movement and growth. Be in the moment, be now.

  • Technical Specifications



    1. 450 GSM Gi with tailored construction
    2. 100% cotton pre shrunk pearl weave fabric
    3. Enforced stress point areas under arms and seams
    4. EVA foam collar
    5. Sublimated inner lining near the shoulders
    6. Reinforced tape on inside bottom of sleeve and jacket


    1. 10 Oz ripstop fabric
    2. Reinforced double padding around knee area
    3. Stretch rope drawstring
    4. Reinforced tape on inside bottom hem

    Note: This Gi does not come with a belt.
    Model is tall and wearing A2 gi.

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