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Meister Cut-Man Compress

Meister Cut-Man Compress


Meister Cut-Man Compress


  • Helps to reduce bruising and swelling when applied to the skin
  • Stainless steel retains a cold temperature extremely well
  • Rubber handle shields the hand of the user from the cold and adds comfort
  • Used by professional Cut Men/Women
  • Contoured design for saftey and a close fit to the body
  • Screws apart to be filled with water and then frozen for longlasting coolness
  • Grip band for a firm hold
  • Polished stainless steel for smooth comfort
  • Dimensions (approx): Handle L60*20Wmm
  • Body: D57*H34mm Handle+Body H65mm




  • Screw apart then fill with water and freeze
  • Place it in a freezer or ice bucket
  • Clean and dry after each use
  • Store in a clean dry space unfilled (to avoid corrosion)




Disclaimer: This product is not warranted to treat or cure any medical condition. seek professional medical help for any injury requiring treatment.





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